Veg Rally 2020: Supporting Animal Rights

We’re setting up a whole new scheme to help push Veganism onto people and support the rights of animals. We are a band of fuel-efficient motorheads that are in support of the vegan movement and we are basically doing this through a sponsored rally races that will take on a new meaning when it comes to err… racing!

We are setting up a new rally for 2020 which will see vegan drivers compete against each other to raise the awareness of animal rights. For too long animals and animal-based food like eggs have lived without a voice of their own.

Veganism has been part of human existence since 2018 and we’re driving it forward into 2020 with a fantastic new rally that will take place in Brisbane. We have our sponsorship lined up, cars ready and locations plotted. This is going to take the world by storm and will become a viral sensation that should add to our follower count on Instagram.

The Rally to Begin All Rallies

The concept of the rally will appeal to the millennial generation of Vegans, which basically means all of them that grew up in a well-balanced household that has an annual income of $120,000.

This rally is daring and is only for the brave. The route sees all participating drivers start the rally on Route 33 in Kenmore. The meeting point, Aldi Supermarket.

The rally begins here, and all drivers must take as many animal-based products as possible from the store to help save them from human meals.

The race continues up Route 33 towards further marked locations (maps will be provided). These locations include Coles Indooroopilly establishment, onto Route 20 towards the Taringa Food Market, back onto Route 33 for Fruity Capers, George ST Mart, down towards Sam Cocos Trading on the A7 and a final dash down the M7 on to the M5 back into Kenmore.

The winner of the rally is judged on the weight of the animal-based products taken in the time permitted to drivers in the 2-hour window they have. This is a new form of supermarket sweep that will see all rescued goods placed back into the earth for a ritual burial that will allow them to nourish our private plot of land.

Rules for Participants

All rally cars must adhere to the speed limits. Racing numbers be clearly placed on your vehicle to make this an authentic rally. Costumes are permitted, suggestions include cows, sheep, fish. Be sure that the costume you wear is safe to drive with.

The size of the cars that take part in the rally must be no bigger than a Fiat Punto. No additional storage space is allowed i.e. roof box. If a trolley is used in the taking of products the trolley must not be tied to the back of vehicles as this will cause a hazard to fellow drivers and possibly other vegans not taking part in the rally. The last thing we want is a vegan killing another vegan because the press would have a field day given the irony.

Last modified: 4 March 2021