Veg Rally 2020: Official Sponsor Announcement

Veg Rally 2020 is picking up plenty of interest with people within the vegan movement calling this idea as the best thing since the nutcracker was invented. The race to save already slaughtered animals is still in full swing and we have some fantastic news to share with you regarding our sponsorship of the race. People were telling us that the Veg Rally 2020 was a gamble, so we went one step further in getting sponsorship from one of Australia’s leading online casinos. We are pleased to announce Fruity Wins Casino as our main sponsor for the Veg Rally 2020 race. Though the main image may have already detracted from this surprise announcement. Nevertheless, what is important is that we now have some financial clout to help with any forthcoming legal proceedings after the race. Fruity Wins is an online casino that loved our pro-active pitch when meeting with them 6 weeks ago. Fruity Wins is a fantastic gaming platform that promotes wonderful games for online players that get the chance to win real money from games such as online slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, bingo, scratch cards and online sports betting. The Fruity Wins Casino also has live casino tables so you can play against other members of their site. What the live tables are and what other games you can spot at the online casino you will find out from this site. For legal reasons, we have to state that Fruity Wins Casino does not condone the actions that will be carried out during the Veg Rally 2020. They do, however, wish to invite all new players to their online casino with a welcome bonus that will allow them to access all the games with a cash bonus and a selection of free spins. This offer will be open for one day only and that will be on the day of the Veg Rally 2020 race. The date to be confirmed in spring 2020. The Veg Rally 2020 has also picked up further sponsorship from other business in Australia, but due to their request of being anonymous, a white flag will be attached to all participating cars instead of their business logos to show our respects to the Greg Hartland Foundation and the John Kipper’s Veg Stall. The fight against animal cruelty is something we should all be supporting. The needless capture and torture of defenceless animals to fulfil the appetites of billions of people on the planet is needless, especial in first-world countries that can afford to change their diets. Our race with the support of our sponsors will help make this a global message and we are confident that once we upload the live race on social media platforms that this will go viral and help duplicate other Veg Rallies across the world. We didn’t think we would ever get this far when we started blocking off farms and food counters in supermarkets, that this rally would actually take place and now it is, and we can’t wait to get started. If you wish to donate or sponsor us, you are welcome to contact us on our AOL email address and we guarantee your anonymity will be upheld if requested.